Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dynamic product interaction - White cristal stone lamp

Animated product visuals

The Happinez  webshop makes use of and detailed pictures of the product in an environment that fits the theme to show a nice mood around the product. 

We wanted to strengthen this feeling by making a 'moving image' and show the features of the product.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Functional redesign

Problem statement

The problems founded during the test, which were especially focused on the functionality, are inefficiency caused by over information exposed, visually unbalanced structure, uncompleted aligns and lack of highlight for important elements.


By functionally redesigning the website, the website will have better aligned while allowing future visitors to be able to reach to the information they need in easy and efficient way.

Landing page
The elements to be eliminated:
  • The small fonts under each product photo were erased, as they are thought to make the whole page noisy. From the eye tracking experiment it was found that people almost do not look at these at all.
  • The banner and product photos are enlarged to make a clearer perception of the web shop.
  • The navigation bar were removed and its function were combined into the product images.

The elements to be changed:

  • Product pictures were replaced to the theme pictures which represent each category were used.
  • Overall size of pictures (banner, product pictures) used are raised.
  • Location and size of searching bar.
  • Contents of product images are modified.
  • Location of customer service is that they rarely use at the first web page, and normally they are located in bottom part which also makes more space to show the product pictures.

Product page
The elements eliminated:
The elements changed; location of searching bar ( in order to make clearer layout the location was changed but kept in the area where users still feel familiar with ), location of service menu.


Before the functional redesign, a list of the elements that should be excluded was made to avoid making users confuse while redesigning this web shop. The elements which would keep its location or its form are as follows;searching bar, purchasing button, and shopping cart icon.
For the easier and clearer communication about the functional redesign, original web pages are printed and cut into pieces following its information to be conveyed, then to be reorganized and relocated. Since this part is about functional improvement, the aesthetics aspects are not considered yet but will be taken into in later posts.